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May 20, 2024

Turning Vision into Reality: Osmoses’ Strategic Progress and Team Growth

Osmoses announces key technical and commercial progress, as well as key strategic hires to enhance the ability of the team to execute with experience.

There are many steps on the pathway of transforming an idea into an industry, and Osmoses has been able to celebrate many of these inflection points since our founding nearly three years ago. One inflection point was deciding to spin out of the laboratory and commercialize at scale, another was raising funding to pursue this dream at the speed and urgency required by the energy transition, and another was when our first full-time teammates joined in the spring of 2022.

We have reached another inflection point today, which will enable us to execute on our vision by leveraging the exceptional experience several key additions will bring to new and critical roles.  We are thrilled to announce that Robert Bory has joined as Chief Commercial Officer, co-founder Katherine Mizrahi Rodriguez has transitioned to Chief Implementation Officer, Ed Sanders has joined as our Head of Corporate Development, and Swapan Rahman has joined as Director of Product Development. Our team now brings together more than 20 people with years of experience in commercializing membrane technology, product development, manufacturing, process and field engineering, and business development and operations.

Since announcing the closing of our Seed round in the Fall of 2023, we have made substantial progress developing our membrane technology, adding in-house manufacturing capabilities and advancing prototyping and testing.  We have also further developed our value proposition and relationships with commercial partners, resulting in stronger traction and the closure of early revenue-generating contracts  Osmoses’ transition to the commercialization phase is enabled by the team’s increasing emphasis and progress in product manufacturing scale-up and field pilot system deployment.

This is a crucial moment and the stakes are high: industrial separations are ubiquitous and account for 15% of global energy consumption and carbon emissions. Our platform membrane technology can affect a sea change in industry: decreasing energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and physical footprint in numerous applications including hydrogen separation, biogas upgrading, refrigerant recovery, oxygen generation, and helium extraction.

In an industry with virtually endless opportunities for improvement in gas separations, we believe hydrogen is a pivotal market for first deployment as hydrogen is a key molecule in the energy transition. The Osmoses platform enables hydrogen recovery in chemical plants and refineries previously not economical with current technologies, thereby unlocking new processes of low-carbon hydrogen production reducing cost and carbon intensity, and enabling smart distribution solutions and a broader access.

There has been massive momentum in the energy transition and hydrogen solutions development in the last months:  following the $7 billion allocation to establish seven Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs (H2Hubs) the Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced $750 million for 52 projects across 24 states aimed at significantly reducing the cost of clean hydrogen.  Beyond the US boundaries, Japan earmarked $107 billion to build up hydrogen-related supply chains over the next 15 years, and Europe announced clean Hydrogen projects with more than 5,000,000 mt/year hydrogen output starting between 2028 and 2030, along with a 31,500 km network to connect supply and demand. These are clear signals of an emerging global hydrogen market with traction and fast growth.

Transitioning into the commercialization phase will require seamless integration between innovation, manufacturing, scale up, and agile project deployment, all with flawless execution to meet customers’ needs. We are ready to make it happen!

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About Robert Bory

Robert (Bob) Bory brings over twelve years of specialized experience in commercializing gas separation membranes.  Bob started his career as a process engineer with a deep understanding of system design and techno-economic analysis, and then spent over a decade in the business strategy and commercial domains.  Directly prior to joining Osmoses, Bob led the Air Liquide commercial team focused on deployment of gas separation membrane solutions. Holding a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from SUNY Buffalo and an MBA from the University of Houston, his expertise will inform strategic decision-making processes, drive viable and sustainable growth, and foster impactful collaborations within our industry.  With a keen focus on customer needs and a solutions-oriented mindset, Bob is dedicated to delivering value to our clients through innovative approaches and tailored solutions.

About Katherine Mizrahi Rodriguez

Katherine Mizrahi Rodriguez is a co-founder at Osmoses and has been leading the organization as Vice President of Engineering since its inception. While leading the process engineering team, Katherine has built and cultivated relationships with several potential partners and customers, driving these conversations with quantified techno-economic analysis and value proposition. As Chief Implementation Officer, Katherine will work with customers to deploy Osmoses’ separation solutions from field pilots to scaled projects, leading end-to-end strategy and execution. Katherine earned her B.S. and Ph.D. at MIT in Materials Science and Engineering where her work focused on gas separation membranes and their performance in industrially-relevant conditions.  She has won several prestigious fellowships from the NSF, the Ford Foundation, and the GEM Consortium, and was recently named as one of Forbes “30 under 30” in Manufacturing & Industry.

About Ed Sanders

Over four decades, Dr. Edgar (Ed) S. Sanders Jr. has provided technical leadership and growth to the membrane community.  These efforts are documented in over 50 patents and a nearly equal number of reviewed technical publications. Ed’s specific expertise in membrane separations is broad, spanning polymer design, membrane development and manufacture, separation process conception, development, and system design.  Ed is a North American Membrane Society Fellow. He has received numerous industrial and special recognition awards resulting from his leadership positions at Air Liquide, The Dow Chemical Company and Cynara Membrane (now SLB/Cynara). At Osmoses he plays a very strategic and cross-functional role, closely advising and supporting the Product, Implementation, and Commercial functions, and informing strategy and decision-making.  He holds BS and PhD degrees in chemical engineering from North Carolina State University.

About Swapan Rahman

Swapan Rahman has over 30 years of product development, manufacturing scale up, site operations and operations excellence in the membrane industry. He will be one of the key players in enabling the company to scale-up and fast-paced transformation.  Swapan is an experienced leader achieving revenue, profit, and growth objectives, utilizing certified Six Sigma Black Belt skills and Lean expertise in manufacturing and financial industries.  With experience at Praxair, Air Liquide, Bank of America, and Liberty Mutual, he is an expert at developing breakthrough strategies and integrated business plans for growth and game changing innovation. He has a B.S in Chemical Engineering and a MBA, both from Northeastern University.

About Osmoses

Osmoses is an industrial separations company with a novel membrane technology that purifies gases, the world’s smallest molecules, with unprecedented performance and efficiency. Founded in 2021 and spun out of MIT and Stanford, the company’s breakthrough polymer platform is reducing the energy and capital needed to drive global energy transition. For more information, visit osmoses.com  or follow the company on LinkedIn.